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Parent FAQ

Parent FAQ

What about Corona?

What about Corona, or other transmittable illnesses?

We want your kids to have a great time, and be safe. Shoreline Lake staff (Camps staff included) follow strict standard operating procedures and best practices regarding public safety precautions that adhere to CDC and Department of Health regulations and guidelines.

Our norm: Regular and systematic cleaning of our facilities, multiple times per day. Also, good hygiene and handwashing practices are requirements for staff, as well as campers. We make sure of that. And, we have always made sure that anyone who may be feeling under the weather stays home, and does not return until they are well.

What class?

What class should I enroll my child in?

Camp Shoreline is appropriate for kids between the ages of 5 and 11, and offers a mix of activities for the week, with campers grouped by age and supervised in small groups.

A fun & games summer day camp that introduces juniors to watersports and safety, local ecology, arts and crafts, and much more, Camp Shoreline is “gently” instructional with very broad topics covered. Campers hike around the park, identify local flora and fauna, paddle the canoes and kayaks, and make craft projects among other fun activities.

Camp Shoreline is NOT an instructional sailing or windsurfing camp. Campers will NOT learn to windsurf. They may go out on the sailboats for fun, but instruction in this area will be minimal. If your child is under the age of 9 and/or under 70-lb, Camp Shoreline is the way to go!

If your child is between 9 and 15 and over 70-lb, and wants to learn to sail and windsurf, the Windsurfing & Sailing Camp Level I is for them. The Level I camp is HIGHLY instructional, and focused solely on teaching kids to sail and windsurf: Our experienced instructors hold teaching certifications in their respective sports, and by the end of the week, kids will be out on the Lake, enjoying these sports.

If your child is between 9 and 15, has previous sailing AND windsurfing experience, and feels comfortable with both sports, the Windsurfing & Sailing Camp Level II would be appropriate: This camp prepares juniors for higher end performance and refining of skills.

Most youngsters (under 12) repeat Level I at least once before moving to Level II. Older kids may feel comfortable just taking Level I once. However, if a camper took Level I last season, but has done no sailing or windsurfing since then, it is recommended he/she repeat Level I before moving on to Level II.

If you have a teenager who is very comfortable with either sailing OR windsurfing and looking for greater challenges, Shoreline also offers advanced sailing racing camps, as well as weekend course offerings for both sailing and windsurfing.

What to bring?

What should my child bring to camp?

SHOES!!! All campers MUST bring shoes that can get completely wet!

Shoes are mandatory at all times and campers should have shoes that they are comfortable using on the water: Teva sandals, aqua socks, and sailing booties work great!

Rubber galoshes, bulky tennis shoes, or any sort of shoes that chafe the camper are a bad idea. Flip-flops are a major no-no – the shoes need to fit securely on the camper’s feet.

  • Bathing suit
  • Change of clothes
  • Towel
  • SUN PROTECTION!!! Hat, sunglasses, sunblock
  • Strap to secure glasses around head
  • Jacket or fleece
  • Bottle of water

COMFORTABLE CLOTHES! Kids will be engaged in sports, so clothes should be comfortable and allow for freedom of movement.

As such, we recommend synthetics, as they are warm (and remain light) even when wet, and dry quickly. On the contrary, cotton gets cold and heavy when wet, and takes longer to dry.

Boardshorts/surf-style shorts, surfing “rash guards,” t-shirts, nylon shorts/pants, polar fleeces, and nylon windbreakers all work great! And, “rash guards” and long-sleeved t-shirts will keep the sun off of shoulders.

What about outfitting?

What else would you recommend for outfitting?

  • Gloves for sailing
  • Sailing booties
  • Rash guards
  • Wetsuit, for the Windsurfing-related camps, if the camper has one (otherwise, we can provide upon request).
  • Lifejacket if the camper has one (otherwise, we provide).
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Money should campers want to lock their items in the token-operated lockers – $2.00 per use
  • Please make sure to mark all equipment, using indelible marker, with the camper’s name and phone number!
Where can I get all this stuff?

Where can I get all this stuff?

For convenience sake, the Shoreline Retail Shop caries a good assortment of items, and can easily outfit any camper!

In addition, boardshorts, rash guards, and other clothing items can be found at a variety of stores, including Walmart.

However, f you prefer going to specialty watersports stores, the following are just a few in the area (and remember to mention we sent you): Helm of Sun Valley (333 N. Amphlett Blvd. in San Mateo, 650.344.2711) and Boardsports at Coyote Point Park (1603 Coyote Point Dr. in San Mateo, 415.385.1224) sells windsurfers and other windsurfing related gear.

What about lunch?

What about lunch?

Excellent question – we want to avoid campers getting cranky and hungry, so a catered lunch is included with all camps. Campers can also bring a lunch or order from the menu at our lakeside American Bistro.

The camp lunch is catered by our lakeside American Bistro and served buffet style. It includes an entreé, beverage, fresh fruit and dessert

What about tardiness?

Rules regarding drop-off and pick-up of campers, coming late, and missing a day?

Please inform the instructor if you know you are going to be late/early picking-up/dropping-off a camper or miss a day.

We can provide pre and post camp supervision for campers (see below) at an additional cost.

If you are more than 20 minutes late picking up a camper, or dropping them off more than 20 minutes early, you will be charged $35 for that day (for each time or extra supervision). If you think you will struggle to meet our timeline, please purchase the additional supervision plan.

If you have to pick a camper up early or bring them very late, please aim for your camp’s lunchtime. Otherwise, the entire camp may be on the water when you arrive.

Pre/Post Camp Supervision?

What about Pre/Post Camp Supervision?

$150/week or $40/day allows your camper to stay with us from 8:00am-5:30pm.

There is no discount if you use only the morning or afternoon portion of the program.

This is supervised time ONLY – NOT structured camp time! Please send your camper with a book, Game Boy, or other diversion. Card and boardgames are available, and there may be supervised water activity time as well.

Want to get involved?

I want to get involved with these sports, what can I do?

Take a lesson! We offer adult classes in windsurfing, sailing, and kayaking, and also offer classes for stand up paddleboarding and SUP Yoga.

Watch a Wednesday Night Race Series (for Sailing) – held every Wednesday in the summer with a 6:00pm start. If scheduled, there’s also South Bay Cup Race Night (for Windsurfing) – which typically take place Monday nights with a 5:00pm start.

Check out the US Sailing website – US Sailing is the National Governing Body for the Sport of Sailing:

Parent Sail Day?

What’s the deal with the Parent Sail Day?

Parents are invited to come down and sail with their Level I (12pm-2pm) campers on the Friday afternoon of their camper’s session.

This is a great chance to see all the skills your child has acquired, and have a lot of fun doing so. Grab lunch in the Bistro and make an afternoon of it!

Where do we go from here?

Where do we go from here?

Sailing and windsurfing are both Olympic sports. College sailing is extremely popular. There is a professional windsurfing tour. And enthused juniors across the country enjoy local competition in both sports!

There’s something for everyone and the sky is the limit. Please feel free to ask your camper’s instructors for guidance or some tips. And, you can also check out some of the websites in the next FAQ.

Level II graduates can enroll in the advanced sailing camps (Level III and the Olympic Class Laser Camps), as well as join the weekend courses for sailing or windsurfing and compete at local and national events.

Consider a family membership to US Sailing (see website below).

Check out some of the sailing publications available in print. Latitude 38 (our local sailing magazine) and Sailing World are both good starting points.

Other relevant info?